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MARCH 2023
Todi's tip from Poggio Posillipo

Poggio Posillipo's landscape is a dream for painters and
photographers throughout the year.

Occupying an alp overlooking Todi, the house becomes the real star of the show when it has the strongest impact on where it is, sitting within unique views and offering awesome beauty with every glimpse.

Poggio Posillipo Rainbow
Poggio Posillipo country view

With bright mornings turning to blue sky warm days, there is much to do throughout the Estate. Walk through forests swirling with morning mists, ride out encountering wild life and savor the mellow tapestry of colors across the hills glowing in the early evening light. Return to the house, with a roaring fire in autumn and winter. Play tennis, swim and ride bicycles in spring and summer.

The south-east wall is still the orginal. The hillock was first served by a mule track, which has been brought back to light and is visible to the southeast, where tomato crops, orchards and finally cattle breeding have alternated over the centuries. In the last century it also served as a local quarry, the stones of which went into building the house and the columns of the entrance gate.

Todi - 199 of 301-min.jpeg

Poggio’s Herald. March 2024

Todi - 75 of 301-min.jpeg

Stay at Poggio Posillipo

An ancient farm combining pristine, wild Umbria with Italy's authentic search for excellence

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