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Poggio Posillipo La Villa Caprese Capri - Unique, comfortable, spectacular.

About Poggio Posillipo Capri

When the boat enters the harbor of Marina Grande, the island of Capri embraces and enchants you …

When the boat enters the harbor of Marina Grande, the island of Capri embraces and enchants you …

and there is no escape!

Capture the beauty and allure of Capri that reflect its unique landscape and historical significance.

Once out of the funicular, the panorama of the Gulf of Naples with the islands of Ischia and Procida on the left offers an indisputable and supreme Mediterranean view.

Strolling through Capri

After 650 meters, a stone's throw from the famous Piazzetta, Via Sopramonte with its fragrant mulberry trees and colorful bougainvillea escorts you to the Villa.

Capri is a pedestrian area; the island can only be explored on foot. The buzz of the people, the frenetic activity of the various businesses, the glittering shop windows are the soundtrack of this magical place.

The world passes through the bars in the Piazzetta. From celebrities to ordinary people, everyone wants to talk, listen, watch, enjoy the uniqueness of this eccentric island

Strolling through Capri
Exploring exclusive enclaves from our villa retreat

Exploring exclusive enclaves from our villa retreat

The villa with its terraces faces south in full sun for the comfort of plants and flowers.


From the villa you can visit the most exclusive but also secluded places, from the Faraglioni to Villa Jovis, from the Natural Arch to the Matermania Cave.


For those who love long walks, the Pizzo Lung coastal walk circumnavigates the eastern and southern parts arriving to Punta Tragara, in front of the imposing Faragloni. Views are breath-taking.

Poggio Posillipo Capri Amalfi Coast View

Capri's natural wonders: exploring scenic trails and breathtaking landmarks

The Island of Capri is small but generous with walks, views and breathtaking panoramas.


A 10-minute walk to the east brings you to extreme point of the island which sees Punta Campanella, where the gulf of Naples joins the Amalfi coast. Continuing, you reach l’Arco Naturale --Natural Arch--, a natural limestone arch formation. It spans 18 meters in height and 12 meters in width, offering breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding area. This arch is the remains of a collapsed grotto that dates back to the Paleolithic age.

Capri Villa for rent, Poggio Posillipo The 4 Seasons Estate. La Villa Caprese - Unique, comfortable, spectacular with terraces, outdoor cocktail bar and sea, sunset view.

La Villa Caprese

The villa is a typical Capri house with an independent entrance and evolves around its terraces. Each room overlooks the terrace. The villa has been recently renovated with original layout innovations to fully enjoy the outdoor space.


The pergola at the entrance welcomes you to the cocktail area which precedes the large terrace for unrivaled outdoor breakfasts and dinners.


Stay at Poggio Posillipo Capri

A special and unique villa, surrounded by greenery where everyone feels at home.

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